Thorpdale Primary is situated on Gunaikurnai land.

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Testimonials from past students

What our past students has to say about our school.

I have been living in Thorpdale all my life.  I started off at the Thorpdale Kindergarten and then progressed to Thorpdale Primary School.  Going to a small school setting gave me the opportunity to create strong friendships which I will maintain to this day. 

The teachers at the school target teach which allows students to be continually pushed academically and prepare for high school.  During the year 2022 I was elected as one of Trafalgar high Schools’ school captains. 

My leadership qualities stem from my involvement in Junior School Council in primary school, helping to prepare and set up school events such as the swimming carnival and athletics day. 

I was also involved in running whole school assemblies, an act all senior students have the opportunity to participate in, that helped me gain confidence in regard to public speaking. 

The leadership roles I obtained starting in primary school allowed me to become a successful school captain and the amazing staff at Thorpdale Primary School also enable me to excel in high School and other extracurricular activities including netball coaching. 

By having such a small school, it allowed me to get one on one mentoring with my teacher and enabled growth within my own academic abilities.

Sydney Blackshaw (Trafalgar High School, School Captain 2022)

I loved the teachers. They are very  one on one with kids. Each individual student  had a different relationship with all our teachers.

I loved how much the school brought our  community of thorpy together. It’s a very friendly school.