Thorpdale Primary is situated on Gunaikurnai land.

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We offer a range of programs at Thorpdale Primary School designed to support and enrich our students’ core education.

School Performance

A school performance occurs biennially and involves the whole school. This a great time for children to experience performing arts and get on stage to present newly acquired skills to the community.  In the past we have had performed rap dancing, circus skills, barn dancing and plays.

Students in Grades 3-6 participate in a yearly camping program with students from other small schools. The camping program usually runs for three days and we actively seek out different camps to give a range of experiences.  Camps that we have attended are: Waratah Beach Camp, Mill Valley Ranch, Wilsons Prom Tent Camping, Melbourne and Ballarat Camp. 

These are arranged at reasonable intervals during the year to enable children to have first-hand contact with a variety of experiences.

Parents can be expected to be notified in writing well in advance of any proposed excursion and should understand that no child can be taken on an excursion unless written permission and authority to take emergency action in case of illness or accident is received.

Students at Thorpdale Primary School have the opportunity to become leaders in a range of contexts.

Sporting House Captains are elected each year along with Junior School Council representatives who meet regularly to discuss school improvement issues and initiate student-led fundraising.

A buddy program also operates between the senior and Prep students to ensure that the Prep students undergo a smooth transition to Primary School.

House Teams

At Thorpdale Primary we have three House Teams: Pontiac (red), Sequoia (green) and Kennebec (yellow) whose names are taken from varieties of potatoes.

Each year the teams compete in the House Sports event for the James Alfred Jennings Athletic Shield. 


Our swimming classes are held during Term 1 at Thorpdale Swimming Pool and in Term 4 at ‘Warragul Leisure Centre’.  All grades attend these classes and parental help is greatly appreciated, particularly with the younger students. 

We aim for 10 sessions, dependent on weather conditions, which culminate in our annual swimming sports event.

Yinnar and District School Sports Events

All students are included in the Yinnar and District School Sports Association which organises both formal and informal sports activities during the school year. Children must wear their full school uniform on sports days.

Annual Sports Events

The following events occur annually:

  • House Athletic sports (Gr P-6)

  • House Swimming Sports (Gr P-6)

  • District Athletic Sports (Gr P-6) 

  • District Cross Country Run (Gr 4-6)

  • Interschool Sports such as Football and Netball (Gr 3-6)

During the year, teachers from our school meet with the neighboring kindergarten and secondary schools to discuss students and their needs.

Students in Grade Six attend a range of transition days at their chosen High School throughout the year followed by the Statewide Orientation Day in December.

Kindergarten students visit the school on several occasions during Term 3 and Term 4 to get to know their teacher and experience what Prep will be like.

Buddy System

A “Buddy” system has been operating for many years to assist Prep students to make a successful transition to Primary School. A Senior students are carefully selected and paired up with the new Preps for the coming year.

The Buddies support the Preps in school activities and help when necessary in the playground. These programs are designed to increase the confidence of children as they prepare to embark on the next stage of their education.

Each year the school is visited by the Life Education Van which provides drug and health education to all students. From these sessions, and subsequent follow up activities in the classroom, it is hoped that students receive a foundation on which they can make informed choices for a safe and healthy life.