Thorpdale Primary is situated on Gunaikurnai land.

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At Thorpdale Primary School we offer our students a comprehensive learning experience based on the Australian Curriculum. We have placed a lot of our financial and staffing resources on ensuring the best Literacy and Numeracy programs are available to our students. We compliment this with engaging activities, fun days and a wide range of non-academic classes.

Learning Areas

Social Emotional Areas


Thorpdale Primary School prides itself on using evidence-based teaching practices. Our commitment is to ensure that students attending Thorpdale Primary School are treated to all benefits that a rural school has to offer while still receiving the highest quality education.

Across the school, teachers use explicit instruction which provides students with clarity about what they are learning and lots of opportunities to practice skills and get feedback.

Our school has recognized the importance of using a structured approach to teaching literacy and has been transforming the way we teach these critical skills. In 2020, teachers undertook training in Sounds Write to learn about and implement a comprehensive research-based phonics-based program with which to teach reading and spelling across the school.

Each day students undertake Sounds Write lessons that focus on learning a particular sound (phoneme) and its associated spelling pattern/s (grapheme). As part of this process, students are continually reviewing previously taught sounds to aid in their retention to long-term memory.

The acquisition of these sounds happens in a structured and sequential fashion.  When students are capable in these areas and are seen to be competent readers, we shift their focus to learning the morphology of words and building their vocabulary.

 In 2022, the staff has continued to broaden their knowledge of best practices in teaching literacy through ongoing professional development in the “Writing Revolution’; a structured, sequential approach to teaching writing. At the core of this pedagogy is the belief that students need explicit and sequential instruction in writing, beginning in the early years.

It is recognized that sentences are the building blocks of good writing and that students need to be competent in their construction to be successful writers. After students have mastered sentence construction, they are explicitly taught more complex concepts such as paragraphs.

In 2023 we are consolidating these programs as we bring in ‘Spelling Mastery’ as a final key in the chain.


Thorpdale Primary School practices a consistent approach to all numeracy programs. Numeracy blocks are uninterrupted to ensure all students can consolidate their learning.  We use explicit teaching where teachers model skills and verbalise their thinking processes. 

Students have opportunities for guided or independent practice including applying the new skill and reviewing skills previously learnt.  Teachers have a thorough understanding of the developmental stages of mathematics so will lead students through a learning curriculum that begins with students using concrete resources.  In 2023 the school has invested in ‘Prime Math’ to dive deeper into challenging students skills in mathematics.

Reports & Parent Teacher Interviews

Progress reports are issued to parents in both Term 2 and 4.

Parent/Teacher interviews are conducted in Terms 1 and 3. Parents are invited to discuss their child’s progress by making an appointment with their teacher.

Specialist Learning

We are currently able to offer specialist programs in:

  • Science and Technology

  • Physical Education

  • Music

  • Art

  • Learning support program for those students in need

  • Camp program

  • Biennial school performance

  • Day excursions

  • Life Education Van

See the Programs Page for details.

  • Swimming program

  • House swimming sports

  • Interschool sports such as football and netball

  • District athletics

  • House athletics sports

  • Cross country

See the Programs Page for details.