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Our Policies, Permissions and Procedures


School Policies

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Policies. This program is free. If you don't have it you can download it from the Adobe website.

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Download School Policies A - Z

Copies of School Policies are also available from the school.



School Permission Forms

Generic excursion permission form


School Procedures

Picking up students during school hours

If students are required to leave school early to attend an appointment, please ensure that they are signed out at the office.

Absence Notes

In the event of sickness or special circumstances affecting a student’s attendance, the Department of Education & Training requires parents to provide the school with a written explanation.

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency contact information is kept on file for each child in school. This enables contact with parents/guardians or their agent should a child require emergency treatment.

Parents are asked to advise the school, without delay, of any changes to contact information or medical conditions. At the beginning of each year, forms will be sent out enabling parents to update this information as necessary.

Collection of Money

All monies for Student Requisites, School Council levies, excursions etc. should be put into the ‘office tub’ in each classroom at the beginning of the day. 

Children should bring the money enclosed in an envelope and labelled with the child’s name, grade, amount of money and reason for payment.

Eg. Jamie Smith (3/4A)
Puppet Show

It is then directed to the office where the Office Manager records all transactions and issues receipts.