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Curriculum at Thorpdale Primary School

At Thorpdale Primary School we offer our students a comprehensive curriculum based on AusVELS.  In Victoria the school curriculum is set out in AusVELS.  This defines the common  and core set of knowledge and skills that are required for both life-long learning and active informed citizenship. 

The AusVELS structure is outlined below:



Physical, Personal and Social Learning

Health and Physical Education
Interpersonal Development
Personal Learning
Civics & Citizenship

Discipline Based Learning

The Arts
Humanities (Economics, history, geography)
Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

Interdisciplinary Learning

Design, Creativity and Technology
Information & Communication Technology (ICT)


A complete summary of the AusVELS structure from Prep to Year 10 can be obtained by clicking here.


Reports & Parent Teacher Interviews

Progress reports are issued to parents in both Term 2 and 4.

Parent/Teacher interviews are conducted in Terms 1 and 3. Parents are invited to discuss their child’s progress by making an appointment with their teacher.


Solar Generation & Energy Consumption Studies

Thorpdale Primary School is able to monitor its energy consumption and generation through its solar panels in real time through data provided online from Solar SETS. This data is available on the Thorpdale Primary School Page of the SETS website.

The SETS website provides an essential learning framework with a range of resources and related units of work, integrated studies outlines, as well as suggested science, numeracy, literacy and sustainability based learning activities. This provides a great starting point for our teachers to initiate discusssion with students on the importance of managing our precious energy resources.

Go to the Thorpdale Energy Data Monitoring page


Specialist Curriculum Programs

We are currently able to offer specialist programs in:



Extra Curricular Activities

Sports Programs

See the Programs Page for details.